4. Chopsticks, Grannies, Supermarkets & Vending Machines.

March 3, 2016

Mike and Chrissy from Howler.co deal with terrible film dubbing, troubling uses for chopstick and a hungry vending machine. Plus some creative contributions recorded on the Howler hotline, 0208 050 3545. 
Every Thursday they pick apart jokes, puns and gags from Howler using their unique blend of amateur comedy banter and bickering. You know, the kind of banter only a husband and wife can have.


3. Bogans, Meatheads, Mountains & Greased Walnuts.

February 25, 2016

Mike and Chrissy from Howler.co tackle the big questions such as 'What's a bogan?' 'Is the Phantom Menace any good?' and 'Are greased walnuts a herbal remedy?' We pick apart jokes, puns and other gags from Howler with their unique blend of amateur comedy banter. You know, the only kind of banter a husband and wife can have. Don't forget to join in for next weeks theme, tweet us @howlerco or @howlercast. Alright then. 


2. Umbrellas, Mummies, Crocs & Chic Ken

February 18, 2016

This week hosts Mike & Chrissy ask the all important questions... 'Was Rebel Wilson funny at the BAFTAs?' 'Is Ridley Scotts 'the Martian' a comedy?' & 'Who the heck is Chic Ken?' and much more comedy based chat! Plus contributions by our awesome Howler listeners including the National Anthem played on a ruler by comedian Alf. Join in via the usual methods. ✌️


1. Introductions, Middle Names, Shrubs and Ducks

February 13, 2016

In our first ever HowlerCast podcast we nervously break open our comedy chat with topics such as 'Is Elton John bored yet?', 'Working tills', 'Joke of the week' 'What the F' is Howler' & much more.

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